Written by Katleen Lison on August 20th, 2012

It’s been quite hot here in Belgium the last few days! Finally the perfect weather to use my summer-beauty-kit!

I’ve been using Babor’s Summer Blush for a few weeks now, and I love it! The colors are perfect for summer (a warm hot pink, a soft coral and a deep, slightly shimmery bronze) and it’s so versatile, I use it as as a blush, as a bronzer ànd even as an eyeshadow too!
Summer Blush Collection - €26 - Babor

My favourite summer-mascara this one from Maybelline. It’s waterproof, looks quite natural (despite its name) and it is easy to apply, essential for hot days at the pool!
Waterproof mascara Falsies Volum’Epress - Maybelline

Do you want to make a fashion-statement by using a hint of color on your eyelids at the beach or at the pool? This (véry) waterproof eyeshadow-stick takes you straight from a dive in the water to the beachparty. Or the other way around, if you fancy a midnight-swim. ;-)
Waterproof eyeshadow stick Ombre Blackstar - €30 - By Terry

Bumble & bumble is launching a fantastic new line of UV-protective products. The sulfate-free shampoo, the conditioner, the styling balm and the protective polish keep your coloured hair in perfect condition. I recently updated my hair colour, but now my hair feels a bit dry when I wash it with a ‘normal’ shampoo. So I’ve used this Bumble & bumble shampoo the last few weeks, and my hair feels soft en looks shiny again!
Sulfate-free Shampoo Color Minded - Bumble & Bumble
UV protective Styling Balm - Bumble & Bumble

My new favourite day cream: the Total Effects sensitive skin- moisturizer! This Total Effects-range of products is fantastic, combining anti-aging, moisturizing and sun-protection.
Total Effects Sensitive skin - €21,99 - Olaz

If you go on holiday, but want to avoid taking a big make-up bag with you, I suggest taking a ‘Flipstick’: Max Factor’s fun and beautiful duo-lipsticks! Soooo many possibilities!!
- Use the lightest colour only, for a subtle effect.
- Use the brightest or darkest colour as a classy evening-look.
- Apply the brightest colour on your lips, leave it on for a few minutes, and then take it off with a tissue. The colour has stained your lips, and it will last a few hours without fading, without you having the sticky lipstick-feeling! You can now add some transparant lipbalm to condition your lips.
- Use the two colours together to design your own lip-look! Use the red lipstick on the outer edges of your lips for example, and add a dot of coral in the middle part of your lips!
My favourite look is this one on the picture below: I used the lightest colour (coral) on the outer edges of my lips, and the bright pink/red on the inside! That way, you get the cherry-lips-effect (as if you just ate a bunch of cherries! :-P)
Flipstick (duo-lipstick) - €12,49 - Max Factor

Last but not least, a summer-kit item for easy beach-hair: the Ocean Spritz spray by Wella!
So easy: just spray it in your hair, massage it a little bit, and you have a beachy waves!
I also like to spray it in my hair before I make a braid or before I put my hair up in a messy bun (ideal for the beach).
If I take the braid / bun out after a few hours, my hair has beautiful waves! Ideal for summer-evenings!
Ocean Spritz spray - Wella

Summer nails!

Written by Katleen Lison on April 23rd, 2012

Summer is just around the corner, and the new nail trends are sooo cute!
Before you start experimenting, here are a few tips:

- Short, oval / square-rounded nails are trendy at the moment. Long, pointy nails are completely outdated!
- Always use a base- and topcoat. It makes the nailpolish last longer!
- Use quality nailpolishes to prevent your nail colours from chipping!

My top three nail polishes:

1) Essie - (soo many colours, and véry long lasting! Buy them here:)
2) Rimmel - (especially the ‘Pro’-range, it lasts for more than 7 days!)
3) Maybelline Forever Strong - (last for +5 days!)

And now, here are my favourite summer nail-ideas!

Ombre nails:

Glitter nails:

Funky nail designs:

Matte nails:

Colourful french manicure:

Caviar nails:

Polka dots:

Newspaper nails:

I’ve tried some of these trends…

Here is my version of the newspaper nails!

How to? Paint your nails in a light colour. Then take a piece of newspaper, soak it in alcohol (70%) and press it on your nails for 15 seconds. Tadaa! Finish off with a top coat.

I’ve also tried the polkadots. It’s a bit hard to stop when doing this, so I went a bit over the top. :-D

How to? Paint your nails in any colour, then apply dots in another colour with a toothpick. Et voila! You can also add a glittery top coat.

What’s your favourite?

x Katleen

Style icon: Blake Lively’s fresh and fruity coral make-up

Written by Katleen Lison on March 8th, 2012

Have you also noticed how Blake Lively always wears the cutest eye-make-up?
It’s light and fresh, but still girly and romantic with the coral crease-colour!

How to?
Well, start with a good eye primer. I love the “Urban Decay Primer Potion”, buy it here on my favourite beauty-webshop:

Then take a light and slightly shiny eyeshadow colour (something like M.A.C.’s Ricepaper) and apply it to the eyelid. Don’t forget to also apply a little bit of this colour in the inner eye-corner and under the eyebrow.

After that, use a coral or peachy pink matte (!) eyeshadow and use it to accentuate the crease. Blend everything together.

Blake uses a black eyeliner on the top and bottom lashline, and she -or her make-up artists ;-) - also applies it to the bottom waterline (this is the wet rim in between your lashes and your eyes).

Add some mascara, a peachy blush colour and a neutral colour lip gloss… and… tadaa! Fresh & fruity!

I wear this look quite often, and I find it to be the perfect solution for a daily not-to-heavy make-up if you feel like doing something extra.

Do you like Blake Lively’s look?
And on that topic… what do you guys think of Blake’s character ‘Serena’ in Gossip Girl?

I liked her in the beginning of the series! But… is it me, or has she really become quite boring lately? ;-)

Product review: Maybelline’s Fit Me make-up

Written by Katleen Lison on March 7th, 2012

Hi blogreaders,

How are you guys doing? I know I haven’t been writing much lately, but I have so many things to share with you, so I’m planning on writing a lot of articles the next few days!

First I want the share my newest discovery: the ‘Fit Me’-product range from Maybelline! You’ve probably seen these products in the supermarket? I always wonder with supermarket cosmetics if they are any good, and don’t you just find it annoying that they don’t provide testers?
But in this case, I can assure you:
The foundation is one of the best I’ve used in years: it’s not too creamy but neither is it powdery, it is not translucent but not too covering either. And it adapts to your skintone, so it’s just perfect!
I also ADORE the concealer (it stays where it has to stay all day), the powder and the blushes. I looovee it! I personally use nr. 120 as foundation and nr. 10 as a concealer, but I’m quite pale ;-) so I think most people will need a darker one.

Check my blog soooon for more beauty-news, fashion ideas and tutorials!


Fit me Foundation: €11,99
Compact Powder: €11,99
Concealer: €7,99
Blush: €9,99

Trends spring - summer 2012

Written by Katleen Lison on February 10th, 2012

Aaaah it’s almost there… Spring!! In Dutch it means ‘jump’, exactly what I feel like doing when I think about spring… :-D
New season, new trends, so here are my favorite trends for the summer!


To keep it classy, combine the metallic piece with a casual look!


Sportswear (in particular: sporty coats) are very hot this summer. Combine it with a high heel to make it more feminine!


Still a lot of etnic influences on the catwalk this season! Especially the Navajo-trend is still going strong.

Pastel green:

Mint green, pistachio, light turquoise… it has many names, but one thing is for sure: it is everywhere this spring / summer!


Retro is making a comeback! Or.. wait a minute… it was never gone! ;-)
Vintage fabrics and shapes are still very trendy! I love it…

So, where to find these new trends?
Here are some ideas:

New Yorker - Nike -Vila - Mango

Sacha - River Island

What’s your favourite? I love the combination of the metallics with the pastel green… :-)

Party looks for New Year’s Eve!

Written by Katleen Lison on December 30th, 2011

Hello blogreaders! I hope you had a nice and merry Christmas! ;-)

We’ve had a few lovely Christmas dinners with our family (and with a lot of food - I cooked for 16 people-) and now we’re preparing for New Year’s Eve! We’re going to celebrate it with a group of friends, and everybody brings food, so I’ll be less in the kitchen and more partying this time! :-D

And as promised, here are some inspirational party-make-up looks for New Year’s Eve! These are the holiday pictures from the big designer-make-up brands, by the way. ;-)


To create this look, use a matte foundation and apply a black eyepencil on the top eyelid and blend it out to get a subtle smokey effect. On the lower eyelid, use a golden eyeliner (or use a wet angled brush with golden eyeshadow). Then finish the look with black mascara and a shiny raspberry lipstick and nail polish.


First line your eyes with a black eyepencil (top lid, bottom lid and waterline) and then blend it to get the smokey effect. After that, take a brown-bronze eyeshadow, and with a blending brush smooth the edges of the eyeliner, and create a soft transition from the black to the colour of your skin. A golden highlighter was used to highlight the browbones and cheekbones.  Black mascara and warm red lipstick and nail polish finish the look.

Giorgio Armani:

For this look, apply a iridescent silver eyeshadow on your upper eyelid. Then use a black gel-eyeliner, only on the top lid. It is important to use a very longlasting eyeliner! (I found one: read all about it in my party-proof make-up article)
If you are planning on using false eyelashes, this thick eyeliner is a perfect combination. When the lashes have a dark ‘background’, they don’t draw too much attention, and that way they seem more natural. In this picture, they also applied a nice dark ruby-red lipstick and an almost black nail polish.


Kate Winslet is wearing a bright red lipstick with a soft dark-grey eyepencil on the top and bottom eyelids (and again: blend it to create a softer look). I guess you already know my secret for kiss-proof red lips: use a lipstain underneath your red lipstick!

Yves Saint Laurent

This make-up is ideal for a night of heavy partying. If it smudges, it becomes even more beautiful! :-D So you first use a black eyepencil all over the moving part of your upper eyelid, and also under the eyes and in the waterline. Then you fixate it by sweeping over a dark grey eyeshadow. For a very dramatic look: blend the eyeshadow all the way to your eyebrows. When you wear a dramatic smokey eyemake-up, it is always nice to combine it with a neutral lipgloss, instead of a heavy lipstick. Oh, and notice the beautiful matte black nail polish! Instead of buying matte nail polishes, it’s a lot cheaper to just buy a matte topcoat! You can find the fantastic matte Essie topcoat here, on my favourite online beautyshop:!!

Which look are you going to wear for New Year’s Eve? I think I’ll go for the golden eyeliner!
Happy New Year everyone, and see you in 2012!!

Let’s party!-proof make-up

Written by Katleen Lison on December 22nd, 2011

I finally found the perfect eyeliner! I decided to do a subtle but longlasting party-make-up with it, as the holidays are coming up:

First I applied an eyeshadow base (urban decay primer potion), but you don’t really need it (the eyeliner is very very véry longlasting in its own). Then I applied the eyeliner (Gel eyeliner - Catrice) with an angled brush. The only disadvantage is: if you make a mistake, it isn’t easy to correct as the eyeliner dries quickly (and then it stays there… forever. :-P or until you take it off with a good cleanser. You can even shower with it! :-D)

As a highlighter under my eyebrows and on my cheekbones, I used the M.A.C mineralize skinfinish in the colour ‘lightscapade’. I bought it today, and what a great product it is! A few years ago, M.A.C. had a beautiful pastel shimmery powder (called ‘Perfect topping’, and purrrfect it was!) and I really didn’t understand why they discontinued it. But now, they have this ‘Lightscapade’! You can use it as an eyeshadow, or to highlight cheeks / cupid’s bow on the lips / brow bone, or you can apply it all over your face to give you a nice shimmer.

The mascara I used, is the Rimmel ‘day 2 night’ glam’eyes. There are two ways to open the mascara, one to apply a lot of product, and one to have a subtle effect.

My lips, I first filled in with the Max Factor Lipfinity pencil, which I reviewed in this article. This lip stain stays on for sooo many hours (that way, if your gloss goes away, you still have some colour on your lips). On top of that, I applied the ‘Nice Kitty’ lipgloss from the M.A.C. Hello Kitty-collection. This pink translucent shade has a bit of glitter in it!

As a nailpolish I took the Rimmel Lycra Pro polish in the colour ‘312 Ultra voilet’. This nailpolish is in my top 3 of all time favourite nailpolishes, as it stays for days (sometimes up to 4 or 5 days) without chipping! And don’t you looove the colour? :-) It has a super-easy brush too!

So, that was it for this subtle party-proof look! I have another (a bit more ’sparkly’) party look in mind, so check my blog in a few days!
A few of my friends said to me it would be fun if I’d make some ‘how to’-tutorials on youtube sometimes… but I am a bit camera shy… :-D What do you, sweet blogreaders, think? Shall I…? :-P

Max Factor party make-up!

Written by Katleen Lison on December 12th, 2011

The holiday season is coming up, the puurrrfect time to go a little bit over-the-top with your make-up! So that’s why I’m going to write a few blog-articles about party-make-up!
First of all: Max Factor! They recently launched a few new products, and my favorites are:

The Smoky-Eye-Effect-eyeshadow-stick!
This stick has two sides, mostly a lighter/shinier side, and a darker one.

The texture is a bit creamy, so it is véry easy to blend the colour on your eyelids to create a soft look. To make it last longer, I fixate it by sweeping over a bit of translucent powder, and then adding some more colour on top of it! Oh, and these smokey-eye-sticks come in beautiful colours!!

My second favourite product: the Miracle Touch Creamy Blush. I always prefer creamy blushes over the powdery ones, because the result is much more natural (and it gives you a healty shine too!).

Max Factor’s make-up artist Alex Valverde shows you in this movie how to do a smokey-eyes-look yourself, using these products! Enjoy!

Max Factor Smoky Eye stick - €13,99

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush - €10,99

About eyes and colours

Written by Katleen Lison on December 1st, 2011

I’ve been receiving sooo many eyeshadow-related questions lately, and according to my website-statistics, a lot of you, readers, are referred to my website with the keywords ‘eyeshadow colours’ and ‘eye colours’.

That’s why I made this eyeshadow-colour wheel! :-D

There are two easy ways to choose an eyeshadow colour:

- Match the colour with your eye colour

When I need a natural eyeshadow-look, I choose a colour that is close to my own eye colour in the colour wheel. I have brown eyes with a bit of green in it (as you can see in the website-header above), so I use a lot of chocolate browns, beiges, bronze and a soft olive green from time to time.
Here are some matchy suggestions for different eye colours:

Blue eyes / grey eyes -> blue, lavender, grey, mint green, turquoise, silver,…
Green eyes -> olive green, mint green, moss green, teal, chartreuse
Brown eyes -> bronze, chocolate brown, coral, warm beige, gold, eggplant,…

And some (runway make-up) examples:

- Choose a contrasting colour

An other option, is to pick a colour that is opposite of your eye colour in the colour wheel. That way, your own eye colour stands out more! Ideal for fashion-daredevils!
Some examples:

Blue eyes / grey eyes -> bronze, orange, salmon, honey-yellow,…
Green eyes -> pink, red, coral, burgundy, purple,…
Brown eyes -> blue, lavender, turquoise, silver, sage green

I hope these tricks & pics can be inspirational sweeties! Are you a fan of the matching colours, or do you prefer the contrasting eyeshadow colours? Let me know what you think / wear yourself! And of course: if you have more questions or requests: fire away!! :-D

The liquid gold…

Written by Katleen Lison on November 26th, 2011

I’ve got a new addiction: argan oil. I was strolling around in Bruges this week, and there was a little artisan market where I found this:

Argan oil is one of the rarest oils in the world, as it only grows in one specific area in Morocco. In fact, all argan oil in the world is produced by a Moroccan women’s cooperative (which exists of 22 smaller factories), so by buying this oil you support these Berber women living and working in the south-east of Morocco!

So… now I can hear you think: this may all be very interesting and all… but what is this argan oil and why should I use it? :-D

Well… because it has a véry large amount of vitamine E, squalane, omega 3 / 6 (anti-oxidants), carotene, etc… it moisturizes, protects and heals the skin, you can use it as a wrinkle treatment, it helps to soften and heal very dry skin (even psoriasis), you can use it on dry hair or nails, it even helps to balance oily skin types.
And on top of all that, you can use it in the kitchen: you can also consume this oil, on a salad or something. :-D

I have been using it the last few days as a wrinkle treatment around my eyes, and I used it a few times on my dry hands and even on my lips (it’s getting cold here in Belgium!)… and I absolutely LOVE it.

I now understand why they call it ‘liquid gold’ in Morocco… (and also maybe because it’s quite pricey :-P )
You can find this oil in different price-ranges. As it is produced in relatively small amounts it is obviously not cheap, but I think you can find it at a reasonable price if you look around a bit.

The brand that I bought the oil from, apparently has a webshop:

So dear blogreaders, are there any other argan-oil-addicts out there? I’m curious to hear about your experiences, because I’ve only been using this oil for a few days now. But I’m seriously hooked already! (Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!) :-D